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Ways to Engage:

Foundations & Private Donors

Community Connectedness

Older adults are connected to their communities and participate in community life.


  • Provide financial support to implement the Aging Together communication plan.

  • Provide funding to start an Advocacy Leadership Academy.

  • Fund a facilitator for COPA “Longevity Workshops.”



Every older adult is able to access and afford transportation to resources.


  • Create a transportation fund for low income seniors to access for transportation subsidies.

  • Provide funding to support the formation of Age Friendly Cities in Sonoma County.


Varied Housing Options

Older adults have access to affordable, safe and healthy housing.


  • Establish funds to aid seniors in securing housing such as first month’s rent and deposit. 

  • Provide funding to local home modification programs that help seniors make free or low cost improvements, increase home safety and help them remain in their homes.


Healthy Living

Older adults have the resources and support to engage in healthy living including good nutrition and self-care, physical activity, positive mental health, chronic disease prevention and freedom from unhealthy addictions.


  • Provide sponsorship for the Sonoma Wine Country Games.

  • Provide sponsorship for the biannual Aging Together events.

  • Invest in evidence based exercise and nutrition programs for older adults.


Lifelong Learning

Older adults have access to education and training and are adequately prepared for the challenges of the future


  • Provide scholarships for older adults to receive training or take classes.


Employment and Financial Security

Older adults, and their families, have access to economic resources, services and support to live independently


  • Provide funding to implement Secure Seniors – a financial stabilization program for older adults.


Health and Community-Based Social Services

Ensure that all older adults have access to the continuum of healthcare and community based services that they need to achieve optimal health and well-being.


  • Provide funding for an Aging Together website connecting Sonoma County residents with Aging Together and community resources.

  • Provide funding for an “Options Counseling Program” to support caregivers.


Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

Ensure that older adults can access and participate fully in activities, events and services at community parks, buildings and facilities.


  • Sponsor the development and improvement of small neighborhood parks and green space areas that incorporate “Age-Friendly” design principles.


Communication and Information

Ensure that older adults are able to essential information and communication resources, allowing them to be informed about and participate in community services and activities.


  • Provide funding for continued improvements and expansion of the county’s 2-1-1 information and referral system, for additional services and emergency response communications.

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