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Ways to Engage:


Community Connectedness

Older adults are connected to their communities and participate in community life.


  • Provide resources for continued community connectedness as employees retire.

  • Create a retirees association for your employees to participate in after retirement.

  • Provide opportunities for retirees to mentor or contribute on a special project.

  • Create policies encouraging employees to volunteer so they will continue after retirement.

  • Become an “Age-Friendly” certified business by self-assessing using the Age-Friendly Business Guide and Audit System.”

  • Connect with the Second Acts for the Greater Good website and get more great ideas for accessing and utilizing the resource of older professionals.



Every older adult is able to access and afford transportation to resources.


  • Start a Silver Ride or Uber type business for seniors.

  • Use your clout and relationships to advocate for safe alternative transportation methods.

  • Encourage and pay employees to volunteer for a transportation program for seniors.


Varied Housing Options

Older adults have access to affordable, safe and healthy housing.


  • Developers can explore new and creative ways to house seniors in Sonoma County.

  • Collaborate with local volunteer-run home modification programs by including your employee volunteers to help with special events and projects.


Healthy Living

Older adults have the resources and support to engage in healthy living including good nutrition and self-care, physical activity, positive mental health, chronic disease prevention and freedom from unhealthy addictions.


  • Create a culture of health and wellness by becoming a healthy workplace and reinforcing the role it plays in aging well.

  • Invite a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) business to partner in bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to employees.

  • Retail businesses can increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables at an affordable price.

  • Create and encourage senior discount days.

Lifelong Learning

Older adults have access to education and training and are adequately prepared for the challenges of the future.


  • Provide opportunities for older employees to receive training that might assist them in part time work after retirement.

  • Invest in the skills of older employees so they remain relevant and contributing to current and future developments.

  • Adult education, community colleges and universities include lifelong learning in class offerings.


Employment and Financial Security

Older adults, and their families, have access to economic resources, services and support to live independently.


  • Offer a retirement plan for your employees.

  • Make an employer match to employee retirement contributions.

  • Encourage all employees to begin their retirement contributions immediately.

  • Offer retirement counseling and planning to employees.

  • Hire an older adult and reap the benefits of their work ethic and knowledge.

  • List job postings, provide resources and seek new employees through “Experience Works: Employment and Training Services” at Job Link in Santa Rosa.


Health and Community-Based Social Services

Ensure that all older adults have access to the continuum of healthcare and community based services that they need to achieve optimal health and well-being.


  • Maintain information on available healthcare and community services for your employees.

  • Provide service referrals to your employees.

  • Invite providers in for a “Resources for Aging Parents” learn-at -unch presentation.

  • Invite My Care, My Plan: Speak Up Sonoma County to offer an advanced care planning workshop for your staff.


Outdoor Spaces and Buildings

Ensure that older adults can access and participate fully in activities, events and services at community parks, buildings and facilities


  • Conduct an "Age-Friendly" facility audit, paying special attention to lighting, width and slip-risk of walkways, signage, ramps, and railing. Contact us about future Age-Friendly Business Guidebook and self-audit materials.

  • Provide a sufficient number of public restrooms and sitting areas.

  • Provide "Age-Friendly" awareness and empathy training for staff to include with your customer service practices. 

Communication and Information

Ensure that older adults are able to access essential information and communication resources, allowing them to be informed about and participate in community services and activities.


  • Ensure that telephone answering messages give instructions slowly and clearly and tell callers how to repeat the message at any time.

  • Make sure callers have the choice to speak with a real person or of leaving a message for someone to call back.

  • Train your staff to serve older customers with respect, empathy and friendly and straight-forward communication. 

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