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19% of Santa Rosa’s total population is 60 years and older. Santa Rosa is committed to ensuring its seniors are living in communities that are friendly and accessible across all ages. ​

The City of Santa Rosa’s Strategic Plan’s vision is to create an accommodating physical infrastructure which includes neighborhood centers that will provide services for all age groups. The plan promotes inclusion, delivering a transportation system that is accessible and safe and ensuring social, financial and health services across the community.

Volunteers are needed—we’d like to be involved in the upcoming Neighborfest Events planned for Summer 2019.           


The City of Santa Rosa is involved in planning for new housing around the city and development of the Roseland area as a community that’s livable for all ages. Age Friendly Sonoma County applauds these efforts and encourages an age friendly focus in all planning for the future. For more information on livable, walkable communities and housing that makes room for the future: 

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